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  • Free Shipping

    Free Shipping on ALL orders

  • Free Fragrance

    Get a FREE fragrance sample each month under “Guess the Fragrance” Challenge.

  • Free Bottle

    A chance to get a FREE Bottle of a mystery perfume of the month in our challenge

  • Recommendations

    Access to our special Fragrance recommendations.

  • Discounts

    Exclusive Discounts on selected products for Smell Club Members only

  • Resources

    Access to exclusive content and training (coming soon)

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  • The Social Butterfly

    An extroverted individual who loves attending parties and events, choosing lively and noticeable fragrances that match their outgoing personality

  • The Fashion Enthusiast

    Always on top of the latest trends, this persona wears the newest fragrances to complement their stylish wardrobe.

  • The Romantic

    Prefers sweet and floral scents that set the mood for dates and intimate evenings.

  • The Frequent Traveler

    Enjoys collecting perfumes from different destinations, choosing scents that remind them of their travels.

  • The Career Professional

    Selects a conservative, light fragrances and understands the power of scent as an accessory and meticulously matches their fragrance to their professional attire

  • The Retiree

    Enjoys classic scents and uses their favorite perfume as a daily luxury, reminiscing about the past and embracing the present

  • The Student

    Enjoys experimenting with different affordable fragrances as a form of self-expression.

  • Anyone who loves Fragrances

    Enjoys the sensory journey and emotional experience that different fragrances can evoke.

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Free Shipping on ALL Orders

Free Sample each month’s Fragrance Challenge

Chance to get a FREE! Bottle in the challenge

Special discounts for club members on selected products

Exclusive recommendations on top fragrances

Exclusive content and training (coming soon)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smell Club?

Smell Club is a subscription service by Smell Nice offering exclusive benefits like free shipping, free samples, special discounts, and more.

How do I join Smell Club?

Join by signing up on our website. Click on the Smell Club section and follow the instructions.

Is there a fee to join Smell Club?

Yes, there's a monthly subscription fee. Check our website for the latest pricing.

What are the benefits of joining Smell Club?

Benefits include free shipping, a free monthly fragrance sample, exclusive discounts, and access to special content.

Do Smell Club members get free shipping on all orders?

Yes, members enjoy free shipping on all orders, regardless of the order size.

How do I receive my free monthly fragrance sample?

Your sample will be automatically included with the Guess the Fragrance Challenge

Can I choose my free fragrance sample?

The sample is pre-selected by us and is a surprise each month.

What is the “Guess the Fragrance” Challenge?

It's a monthly challenge where members guess a mystery fragrance for a chance to win a free bottle.

How can I participate in the “Guess the Fragrance” Challenge?

As a member, you're automatically eligible. Details are on the website

Are Smell Club members guaranteed to win the free bottle in the chal

No. Only Correct guesses will get the Free Bottle

What kind of special fragrance recommendations are provided?

We provide tailored recommendations based on your preferences, past purchases and fragrances with the best value

Can I share my Smell Club membership with family or friends?

Membership benefits are exclusive to the signed-up member and cannot be shared.

What type of exclusive content is available to members?

This includes expert tips, tutorials, and exclusive insights into the fragrance world.

When will the exclusive content and training be available?

We're currently working on this feature and will notify members once it's live.

How do I cancel my Smell Club subscription?

You can cancel anytime by accessing your account settings on our website.

Is there a minimum commitment period for Smell Club?

There's no minimum commitment; you can subscribe and cancel monthly.

Will I be charged automatically every month?

Yes, the subscription fee is automatically billed to your chosen payment method either monthly or yearly depending on your plan

How will I know about new discounts and offers?

Members receive regular updates via email and through our website.

Can I return products ordered with a Smell Club discount?

Yes, our standard return policy applies even to discounted purchases.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

There are no hidden fees. The only cost is the monthly subscription fee.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If a payment is missed, your membership benefits will be paused until the issue is resolved.

Do Smell Club members get early access to new products?

Yes, members often have early or exclusive access to new fragrance releases.

Are international customers eligible for Smell Club?

Smell Club is currently available in select regions (US/Canada). Check our website for availability.

  • Annabelle Lim

    San Jose, United States

    "Joining the Smell Club is worth it. The exclusive discounts and access to sample fragrances are really refreshing."

  • Cathy Albright

    New York, United States

    "I received a Smell Club membership recommendation from a friend, and it's been awesome. The monthly fragrance picks are always exciting!"

  • Richard Pierre

    Qubec, Canada

    "Every shipment from Smell Club is like a little box of happiness. The exclusive scents and goodies are always a delight."